• 60 page book

  • Charts and Tablature

  • Audio examples for all the licks

Take your Tapping technique to another level

Today the tapping technique has become a standard feature for most contemporary rock guitar players, but the Tapping technique offers so many options especially once you start using more than one finger playing those stock Van Halen licks. So much has happened since then and the Tapping technique has developed in a very extreme way. These techniques improves your sound with hundreds of percent. You will become the type of guitar player that when listened to people will go what the hey was that, how did he do that being just one person

Go pro at the drop of a dime

One of the cool things about the Tapping technique is that once you grasp the technique speed is not necessarily an issue anymore. This means that you can play insanely fast right from the get go. This does not mean that it's an easy technique to master, it just means that the element of speed is not specifically an obstacle, so once you have drilled any of these awesome licks in the book you can impress any innocent bystander with your flash and speed

Implement the licks in your own playing now

If there's one thing I find absolutely critical in taking any kind of course or program in guitar playing - it's learning to use the material in your own playing as quick as possible because I think we can all agree that the big flaw in many guitar programs is that most of them are just another bunch of licks with the message Now go practice! And no one needs that who's buing a guitar program. Because I remember how it felt to get these kinds of programs which certainly take up a large percentage of the material out there. So I wanted to make sure it was easy to see how you could implement the licks into your own playing right ahead. So in the book you will find easy to understand charts of where you can use all the material in conjunction to the scales

From four note Arpeggios to crazy scale based Arpeggio licks

In the book we start out with the relatively easy four note Arpeggios. These I also used as a basic training in starting to use three fingers on the tapping hand instead of just one. This also helped you preparing for the more advanced licks where you base the lick on an Arpeggio but adding several notes from the pertaining scale. These licks are often utilized using three fingers on the Tapping hand. Once you reach that chapter in the book you are definitely stepping into the realm of being a true Guitar Shredder

Get all the Tapping examples in Audio format

Once you order the book you will recieve an email with a zipped folder containing all the Tapping examples as mp3 files. If you are already a proficient Tapper I suggest that you go through all the Audio examples to decide which ones are coolest and work on those. That is of course if you already have a very strong Tapping technique


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