Composer Niels Vejlyt

I was born 1971 in a family that was heavily into music, my father and brother collected albums. This made me start collecting albums too from a very young age. In the seventies and eighties I was mostly into rock but was also listening to my mothers albums that was mainly classical music. I

have been playing music since I was a child getting my first acoustic guitar from my older brother who was taking classical guitar lessons.
But later in the eighties I started to take music really serious.

In the nineties I became obsessed with the guitar but also took piano lessons as well as theory and composition lessons from different schools in Denmark. Among others Academy Of Improvisation and The Alternative Rhythmic Conservatorium

Studio musician

Through the years I have also worked as a studio musician on many different projects, worth mentioning is

2016 The Vivaldi Metal Project - The four seasons

2007 The consortium project - Children of tomorrow
2011 The consortium project - Species


1998 I composed the music for the Jubii(Danish version of Yahoo) online Christmas game

2019 I compsosed all the music for the Skidos company in Denmark which is all themes, effects and trailers

Albums released

1997 Glow for one
2005 The predator
2009 Infinity Overture . Kingdom of utopia (Lion music)
2011 Ininity Overture - The infinite overture pt. 1 (Lion music)
2011 Niels Vejlyt - Sthenic (Lion music)
2013 Sages Recital
2016 Sages Recital - The winter symphony
2017 Niels Vejlyt - Concerto
2018 Niels Vejlyt - The sword of ancient myth
2021 Niels  Vejlyt - Opus absolute
2022 Sages Recital -
2022 Niels Vejlyt - The awakening







Compositions with vocals

05 Queen of the winter.mp3

06 Winter symphony op.2 no.6.mp3


Niels Vejlyt - Reflection.mp3

Niels Vejlyt - Opus Absolute - 11 - Niels Vejlyt - Caprice Acoustic I.mp3


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