7 week course

The evolution of Shred Guitar is moving faster and faster every day so what was completely outrageus ten to fifteen years ago has now been completely standardised
Every time you hear a new Metal or Hard Rock band you know exactly what to expect when the solo is kicking in. The Triad Sweep picking arpeggios, the minor scale Legato and Alternate picking runs has become completely played out and is nothing that can surprise the Guitar freak of today.
Even the Triad Sweep picking Arpeggios with combined single note Tapping and in some cases sliding is neither something that will make you sit on the edge of the chair and bite your nails.
So what used to be such a refreshing part of the Metal and Shred Guitar style has now almost the opposite effect, you become numb to it and in many cases you maybe even prefer an exclusively Melodic theme based solo instead instead.
So if you still want to surprise your listeners and at least yourself you gotta think in a new direction. This is what this course is all about. Im not saying that these before describe types of licks cannot be cool anymore, and theres even a few Pentatonic licks on the course, but always executed in a new and exciting way


Each of the techniques presented in this course will be dug deep into, we will spend at least one whole week for each of them

- Legato

Actually Legato just means soft. There are obviously more than one way to create that sound but the way we mainly create that sound on the guitar is by the Hammer on and pull off technique. We will dedicate an entire week to this wonderful technique

- Multi tech

This technique or I should say these techniques are some of the most exciting technique out there right now since it combines techniques like Sweep picking, Legato, slides, bends and Tapping into one amazing lick, the awesome thing about that is that it inspires to play stuff that you would never have come up with in any other way I believe. One whole week has also been dedicated to this craziness

- Tapping

This technique is also one that really inspires to play something that you probably would not come up with without using Tapping

- Advanced Arpeggios

My guess is that you probably have played your fair share of triad Arpeggios so instead of spending so much time on those we will dig directly into the more advanced four note arpeggios like Major seven, dominant, minor seven and many more

- Sweep picking Tapping

The combination of the Sweep picking technique and the Tapping technique is in my taste one of the most inspiring, So in this course you will get sort of an introduction week to the technique and then a week with even more advanced licks


In the first week and later on in the course you will learn a new way of combining your scale patterns with all the pertaining four note arpeggios plus crazy over the top scale based Legato or Tapping phrases. We will delve deep into the realm of the Major/natural minor scale, the Melodic minor scale and the Harmonic minor scale


You will learn to use chromatics not only as a sweet sounding effect but also using some awesome chromatic licks. A whole week has been dedicated to just that


The whole foundation of the Contemporary Rock Guitar Course is Improvisation, so every week you will get a great and inspiring track to practice your new material to, but you will also learn a complete solo and this way get an example on how to approach the track

Theory in a new way

Theory does not have to be something you read in a dusty boring book. We will spend quite some time in one of these weeks learning a system that makes you approach improvising in a completely new way that does not take a lot of boring knowledge. Don't get me wrong, theory are a very useful tool and I use it myself as well. But when you just add that knowledge on top of the more musical way to improvise you become an unstoppable soloing machine, and when you as the final glazing add these sweet, sweet chops in the course you become invincible

New improvising tools

These important videos gives you just that essential overview of when and where to start and end the licks and lessons, so imagine yourself improvising with a band or showing off in a music store and the chops just materialise in your playing so all your solos end up as a beautiful combination of phrasing(your sense of melody) and the most outrageous and technical chops known to guitarists, this is the highest you can achieve in soloing and also the most sought after by guitarists.
This skill set continues to puzzle guitar players the world over, but the fact is that what actually develops these skills is quite simple but its also profound and certainly takes the right mindset. So theres no doubt that this is a course that will take work and dedication, don't kid yourself, these tools in the course are very effective, but its not magic, it still takes work and repetitions.
  • Every week you will get an in depth video that shows you exactly how to use the material in your own playing. What this means to you is that it is guaranteed you will add a new dimension to yourself as a player and actually grow as a musician when you follow the Special Improvisations videos at the end of each week's special Technique, licks and Lessons videos
  • And learn a whole new way of improvising, getting the melodies you hear in your head over the music you are playing to out and into your s olos

This Course offers you to

Become the musician you always dreamed of.
  • Giving you the tools that sometimes seem impossible, but now explained in its simplicity how to make use of extremely advanced chops in an improvised solo
  • Combining over the top licks with strong melody created right from the source.... your brain
  • Get the inspiration to finally start creating your own chops

70 EUR

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