Alternate Picking Speed Guarantee


The mother of all guitar techniques the technique that so many disire to master but so few ever masters speed in alternate picking.

In this book you will dive deeply into the guitar technique alternate picking. You will learn the sure fire way to ultimately play as fast as your hands can move and get the perfect technique that ensure that each and every note is perfectly articulated.

Why does so few ever become fast alternate pickers? the reason is that there is a very specefic way to develop and cultivate the technique that is unlike any other guitar technique.

This reason is also the result of very few ever becoming fast alternate pickers.
In this book you will be closely followed in each step of the development in the technique plus also making sure that you stay on track in difficult times where you may feel you don't evolve as fast as you expect.

You will also be helped to stay away from all the distractions that just has become overwhelming in resent years so that you will stay on a safe road to mastery as fast as possible

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