Extreme Guitar With Niels Vejlyt

Fremad March

fremad march.mp3

The crystal sword lesson

Crystal sword nv solo update 1.mp3

Secrets of the Ninja lesson

Millennium techsLesson 2


Platinum lesson


Platinum lesson 4


Alternate picking quick lessons

Platinum lesson 9

Spinal Tarp


Crazy nights n' notes


Hot in the shred


Etude IV

etude IV bt 130bpm.mp3

etude IV bt 140bpm.mp3

etude IV bt 150bpm.mp3

etude IV bt 160bpm.mp3

Etude III

Niels Vejlyt - Etude III bt 60.mp3

Niels Vejlyt - Etude III bt 80.mp3

Niels Vejlyt - Etude III bt 100.mp3

Niels Vejlyt - Etude III bt 120.mp3

Acoustic etude

acoustic fantasy 70bpm.mp3

acoustic fantasy 80bpm.mp3

acoustic fantasy 90bpm.mp3

acoustic fantasy 100bpm.mp3

Excalibur lesson

excalibur intro.mp3

Dragon's lair lesson

Dragon-s Lair nv solo.mp3

Dead of winter solo 1

dead of winter 1st solo.mp3

Lil' Caprice

Best of the best


shadow intro.mp3

Fury of the wind

Fury of the wind.mp3

Crystal ball lesson

Crystal ball track.mp3


Madness lesson 1.mp3

Out of this world shred


Mad solo

Madness solo.mp3

8 fingertappin Mixolydian


The old violin

the old violin.mp3

Arpeggio drilling

fast arps.mp3

Lots o notes

Twilight in utopia

Twilight in utopia BT.mp3



Is it real


Dominant economy picking


Contemporaty shred

Contemporary shred BT.mp3

Zombi arpeggio

Zombi arpeggios BT.mp3


rambo bt.mp3

Castle at the end of the world

Castle at the end of the world bt 80bpm.mp3

Shred from the dark side

Evil shred


Rockhard BT.mp3

Elf magic

Elf magic BT.mp3

Extreme to the max

Sky high arpeggios

Sky high arpeggios BT.mp3

Major seven madness


The awakening solo

The awakening solo bt.mp3

Major seven techniques


Rip the whole fret board


Altered arpeggios

altered arpeggios bt.mp3

Dominant flat nine


Alternate picking 


Guitar magic

New sweep lesson song

new sweep lesson.mp3

Magic guitar

Crazy insane.mp3

Madness dominating


 Sweep picking is awesome


Reflection lesson

Reflection track.mp3

Combinations of crazy new techniques


Developing the Major seven



Yeah .mp3



King of melody

King of melody.mp3

Alternate picking for the kill

Alternate for the kill.mp3

Sweep picking 8 finger tapping


Major seven sweep picking 8 finger tapping


Major seven arpeggios combined with scale patterns


Extreme tapping and sweep picking


Sweep picking and alternate picking


Extreme guitar techs


Lost world tapping


Sweep picking tapping symphony



Advanced sweep picking tapping tutorial


Fun technique


Fast alternate picking


Japanese arpeggio


Scale tapping new concept




Dominant economy picking picking


Classical piano arpeggios


Sweep picking AAAAND Legato


Sweep picking progression

               Extreme guitar 8 finger tapping - extreme sweep picking - extreme tapping


Piano style arpeggios 2


Sweep picking new concept


Legato fingering


Learn to SHRED


 Harmonic minor sound


Legato love


New minor 7 arpeggio


Super Legato


Smooth Legato


Legato concept


Major 9 sweep picking arpeggio


Major dream


Shred on

Shred on 9 intro lesson.mp3

Techniques unconcieled

verse shred.mp3

Blues Shred Song

bluesy funky.mp3

Blues shred


Slow Hand Rock

Sorrow solo BT.mp3

Major seven raised fifth arpeggio


Minor major


Harmonic minor arpeggio tapping


Harmonic minor scale technique


Sweep picking 8 finger tapping


New lesson


Sweep picking music

new arps.mp3


 Whole tone Legato lesson


Dominant Shred


New shred song lesson

cry for freedom bt.mp3

Lesson 1


Lesson 2


 Lesson 3


 Lesson 4


Lesson 5


Lesson 6


 Lesson 7


Lesson 8


Lesson 9


Lesson 10


Ascending Legato 26-2-2024


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