Learn Nine Inspiring and Otherworldly licks

  • 144 minutes of video
  • Everything gathered in ebook with examples on how to create your own style and licks
  • Tablature

Guitar insanity

This program presents some of the most outrageous ways to play guitar with complete denial of what is possible on the guitar. What this will do for you is to discover or rediscover the passion for the instrument, and why is that important you may ask. Well the passion for the anything in this world is what gets you moving, in other words what makes you practice to reach the goal you set for yourself

Get inspired

So when you get inspired to play guitar you avoid the trap of having to force yourself to play and practice. I think we can agree that when you have to force yourself to do anything you lack the passion and therefore it becomes a chore which in many cases leads to quitting in the end. So what this means to you is that you will get the motivation to play and practice all the time which will eventually lead to Mastery

Reaching your goals

Imagine yourself looking forward to practice and just sitting down with the guitar and having that juice for the instrument. So whenever you are not with your guitar you cant wait to get home and practice. If you have not tried this before I can promise you that once you get this passion for the instrument, is what will make you reach your stretch goals on the guitar. And ultimately that passion is what you will get when you are inspired and that in many situations comes from visualizing yourself playing something that common sense seem way out of reach

From Guitar player to Musician

I urge you to start creating licks yourself because when start creating material yourself it even makes more sense to practice what you have come up with personally, the idea of the totally over the top techniques in this program is to get your own creativity flowing and either create something new from scratch or taking concepts and ideas that you already know but combining them in a new way ultimately creating something brand new

35 EUR

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