Did you ever dream of being able to pick up your guitar and just rip? being able to walk into any kind of session and play the most advanced licks and techniques out therre plus also creating the sound you hear exactly in your head using a variety of scales representing different sounds, going from one scale to the next and feeling the freedom to do so and on top of this play licks that will make people drop their jaws in awe.

This is no matter if you wanna rock in a metal band or in a fusion band and everything in between. In other words there are no limitations in style, the scales and licks used can be used in any style of music

Your success guarantee


Maybe this sounds too good to be true but to make sure you actually go through this transformation you will go through the ebook and dont skimp on reading the text in the book. The ebook will show you exactly what you need to do to go to and fro the licks and the system lets you go from the scale into the lick and also shows you exactly where you are in the scale when you finished the lick. This system makes sure that you ultimately create a more complete sound making music from the scale, going into an insane lick and into making music from the scale after finishing the lick. This is the pinnacle of any improvising musician.

Don't get me wrong, theres still much work to do, so to make sure you get everything out of the program actually making use of the licks and the scale system you will need to follow the direction in the video and not attempt to learn all the material at once

The Backing tracks

The backing tracks are created with a click so its easy to follow exactly where you are according to the rhythm. They are multi layered with guitars and some drums and they are pieces of music in themselves as opposed to your typical backing tracks which mosttly are created out of neccessity instead of a real piece of music created by real musicians, this of course inspires to play and practice much more than a lousy midi track would do


Ten insane but very varied licks inspired both from Shred Rock and Fusion. So if you are into Guthrie Govan, Tom Quaile and Andy you will enjoy this. But thats just the tip of the iceberg bevcause the real kicker and the true value in this program is the special system developed to make sure you can actually go out and use the material in a real situation like playing with your band, to backing track or just noodling on the guitar. To make sure you succeed with this are video, ebook and backing tracks

On the product page you will get

- 4 backing tracks that are mp3 files, make sure you are using the instructed tracks to the specific licks and scales making sure you are in the correct key

- ebook pdf document that you also must make sure you go through thoroughly because it is your guarantee of mastering the system together with the videos

  • awesome ebook showing in scrutinizing detail how to implement everything,
  • mp3 backing tracks
  • charts and tablature

20 EUR

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