Neo classical enchantment

In this new twelve week's course you will master even the most advanced techniques you can think of. Every week you will get between about half an hour or over an hour of HD video and accompanyed is a backing track, a pdf document with tablature and standard music notation plus a guitar pro file which can be opened either with guitar pro 6 and newer versions. But it can also be opened aand played in the free program tux guitar.

A new and quicker way of learning

Instead of giving you the same backing track in several different tempos Im offering you a new and way less time consuming way of learning. I realized that when you are learning a piece of music you waste so much time learning the whole piece and then trying to gradually increase the speed.

So instead you will go through a process where you identify your personal pro's and con's in each piece of music. This means that if you already feel very confident in playing standard sweep picking triads, there is really no need for you to keep working on that as well if you are trying to learn a piece that also has some techniques that you struggle with, so if the piece that both have sweep picking triads and maybe four note or more arpeggios and maaybe also other techniques that you need to work on, then you will only drill these and get those techniques you struggle with up to the tempo where the song is.

This way makes you master each song or track at least fifty percent faster than if you practiced the whole piece every time in each tempo. This is also a way of practicing I suggest you use in everything you learn from now on

The next step

This is sort of a bonus video to every week that for most muscians is something you will massively benefit from. We will go through every lick and lesson every week and analyze if there's any good stuff that you can either use in your own soloing, your improvising or even if you would like to write your own songs.

Soloing concepts

A few of the week there will not be obvious licks that we can use for soloing but instead there are soloing concepts like chromatizism or pedal point ideas that you can use in your own playing, and we will discuss this in detail

The techniques

NEW never seen before arpeggio shapes

NEW never seen before tapping

- Extreme tapping

- Legato

- Alternater picking

- String skipping

12 week course

80 EUR

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