• about 70 minutes of HD video

  • tablature and standard music notation

  • bonus economy picking and sweep picking lesson

  • alternative patterns

In this course you will learn to do what almost no guitar player out there has ever been able to.... Play the Pentatonic scale shapes really really fast using the pick

In almost one hundred percent of the cases of people playing the Pentatonic shapes they are using a variety of techniques like Legato, Tapping or a combination of picking and Legato.

Then in some cases, even with fantastic players you see scale shapes changed around in the sequence of notes just to fit the Economy picking technique.... I always hated that

I always wanted to be able to play the scales just how they are in the right sequence, this way it will be totally up to me which notes to play when or if I just want to play the full scale full speed I can do that too

Well with these new Pnetatonic scale shapes I present to you in this program becemes possible for the first time. So get ready to rip possibly for the first time ever playing the Pentatonic scale super fast with the pick on every note

25 EUR

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