Sweep picking 8 finger tapping

Arpeggio Sentiment

The Complete Shredder's System

Ultimate Arpeggio Implementation System

Sweep Picking Virtuosity

8 Finger Tapping


Otherworldly Revolution

The Next Generation 8 Finger Tapping



Modern Shred

Super Techniques

Guitar Extravaganza

Niels Vejlyt The Sword of Ancient Myth CD

This album features Mark Boals on vocals as well as Søren Adamsen, David Åkesson and Ida Derazzo
Mistheria on keyboard
Jakob Vand on drums
Bernardo Fesch on bass
Niels Vejlyt on guitars, bass and orchestrations
Get it here exclusively now for 12$ plus 10$ shipping

Niels Vejlyt Concerto CD

This cd is from 2017 and features Niels Vejlyt on guitars and orchestrations and bass
Jakob Vand  on drums
Bernardo Fesch on bass
Yuhki on keyboard
12$ + shipping 10$

Sages Recital The Winter Symphony CD


The second Sages Recital album features these wonderful musicians
John West on vocals and choirs
Fabio Lione on vocals and choirs
Thomas Huberts on vocals and choirs
Niels Vejlyt on guitars, bass and orchestrations
Jakob Vand on drums
Bernardo Feschon bass

Mixed and mastered by Simon Andersen and Rune Slot
12$ + shipping 10$

Sages Recital debut album as CD DIGIPAK 

This is the debut Sages Recital album and it features
John West on vocals
Franck Hermanny on bass
Niels Vejlyt on guitars, bass and orchestrations
Jakob Vand on drums
12$ + shipping 10$

The songs of Sages Recital and Niels Vejlyt ebook plus backing tracks 

This over hundred page long ebook features complete songs from Niels Vejlyt solo albums as well as Sages Recital. Also features the original backing tracks with real drums and bass so you can play along real musicians
Instant download $35

Niels Vejlyt Sthenic CD plus DVD 

This album was the first solo album I released on Lion Music and it was mixed and mastered by Tommy Hansen
$10 plus shipping $10

Infinity Overture The infinite overture pt. 1 CD

This album was the last Infinity Overture album and was once again mixed and mastered by Sascha Paeth. It was released in 2011 and we only did two live shows after this release with Infinity Overture
$10 plus shipping $10

Infinity Overture CD plus DVD Kingdom of utopia

The first Infinity Overture album features 
Ian Parry on vocals and choirs
Anne Karine Pripp on vocals and choirs
Simon Oberender on bass
Kyle Honea on bass
Mads Volff on drums
$10 plus shipping $10

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