Each of the five Neo Classical shred guitar songs represents slightly different aspects of guitar shredding techniques.


Song one is almost solely Sweep picking with just a little alternate picking added here and there and some very inventive Tapping that you may not have seen before

Song two is a very complex composition featuring mostly Alternate picking but also Economy picking and some more modern Sweep picking Arpeggios than your typical Triads. The song also features string skipping and some legato

Song three is the Largo part from Frederik Chopin's Sonata III and if you know this piece you will know that its very mellow, this track exclusively puts emphasis on phracing as opposed to speed in much of the other material. You will also notice the beauty of the harmonies in the track here, so here you will learn the absolute critical elements in guitar playing which is vibrato

Song four
is very challengin in a different way than is the previous because we get a lot of tempo shifts here and we get shifts between triplet feels and sixteenth notes feel. Technique wise we again get many different techniques represented like Alternate picking and sweep picking. You will also enjoy the beautifull track with both Symphonic orchestrat and guitar riffing

Song five probably will be technically the most challenging, the licks here are very fast and here I present to you The Cross Hand Technique I developed years ago that enables you to play licks spanning through all the four octaves on the guitar

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- The last three videos in the program are called Success Certain Methhod and these videos will give you the system that makes sure you get to play the songs as fast as possible, but not only that, they are also a method that you can use beyond this program to master songs, licks, riffs and you name it much faster than you would have done normally. The absolute final video as a bonus also give you a method to withdraw the material from the songs that stand out to you, and that you enjoy the most an make use of the metrial in your own playing and composing, this video gives you extreme value for the money


Five Neo Classical Metal instrumental songs making use of all the most outrageus techniques out there. Sweep picking, sweep picking tapping and multi finger tapping, economy picking and legato


- 14 videos that you can either watch on the product page or download to your own computer using the free program Download Helper from the Firexo browser or the free program Realplayer, both linked to in the Super Techniques Product page


- Sweep picking

- Extreme multi finger tapping

- Sweep picking Tapping

- Alternate picking

- Legato

- Economy picking

- Vibrato

- Whammy bar

On the product page you will get

- 14 Videos
- 5 Backing tracks

- 5 Documents containg all in all 24 pages

The Backing tracks

The backing tracks are created with a click so its easy to follow exactly where you are according to the rhythm. They are multi layered with guitars and some drums and they are pieces of music in themselves as opposed to your typical backing tracks which mosttly are created out of neccessity instead of a real piece of music created by real musicians, this of course inspires to play and practice much more than a lousy midi track would do

30 EUR

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