Learn the fine art of Sweep picking in a more musical way. You will learn the technique in context of a piece of music representing a wide variety of ways to utilize the technique. That is playing the technique in un tradtitional ways, different amount of strings and with tapping and slides added to the sweep picking
On top of that you will get a sweep picking bonus program that shows you highly unorthodox Sweep picking techniques never seen before
Learn with this up close and scrutinizing video getting into every nook and cranny detail of how to play the different techniques presented in Sweep picking madness
In the song you will not only learn different interresting ways of playing sweep picking but on top of that you also get to play Alternate picking, Legato and highly advanced tapping techniques
As always you will get to accompany the instructional video a pdf document with tablature and standard music notation that you can either download or just view on your profile
The same goes for the instructional videos, they are in HD and you can either stream them from your profile or download them and watch anywhere

30 EUR

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