• What you learn in this new landmark alternate picking program is to play alternate in a way that makes sure you are able to play very long lines of alternate picking without running out of stamina and avoid tensing up which has the unfortunate effect of significantly lowering the quality of your alternate picking sound. This can be pop-outs or ruining the synchronizity of your right and left hand.
  • This program will give you lessons that perfects your alternate picking in a way that makes sure you can start to increase your speed without challenging the sound which happens for everybody that does not have near perfect technique before incressing in speed
  • This program also gives you lessons that makes sure you can closely monitor how fast you ACTUALLY play. Are you ACTUALLY playing sixteenth notes or six tuplets in a slower pace ? this is a typical problem for a lot of the guys on youtube who believes they are playing really fast to a metronome. But these lessons makes sure you always know if you ACTUALLY are following the metronom

40 EUR

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