Embracing the fundamentals

In the first video we will go through ll the steps that perfects your technique. Here you will become focused on the elements that might be holding your speed back.

Drills and sequences

You will learn many different Speed Drills and longer sequences, both three notes and four notes per string. Enough to keep you inspired and keep on track with developing your technique. I will show you great drills to improve speed. You will even learn a special system that makes it easy to play really fast Pentatonic scales. Normally it has always been impossible to play fast Pentatonic scales with Alternate picking but this system makes it so much easier

Clean up your sound

To actually sound good when you play fast alternate picking you have to absolutely master the muting technique. The fact is that its just not enough to rest the palm on the bridge, especially when you are using a lot of distortion. You will learn how to avoid all string noise even when you are playing fast with tons of distortion at loud volume

Developing Stamina

You will also learn longer sequences that makes you able to play Alternate picking fast for longer periods of time. So you are actually able to surpass the shorter bursts of speed while they are also cool you also want to be able to play fast in loger licks and sequences

Creating crucial alternate picking workout

I will show you exactly what I do every day to keep a high level in your alternate picking technique. Its critical that you not only have the nessesary tools to play fast but also know what exactly to do which those tools. What happens mostly to guitar players who wants to play fast is that they learn all these new licks and lessons but they don't know how to become consistent and how to practice to reach your goals. Here in the program we will create a schedule that works for you and your life situation

A look into the future

In reaching the goals you set yourself I will be explaining the process of becoming a fast Alternate picking. What is so frustrating in this process to be a fast alternate picker is that you develop speed in quantum leaps. This is what stops most guitarists from staying on track with their practicing, because when they don't see improvement for long stretches of time most give up before they see evidence. You will also get Improtant information of the Alternate Picking technique and its development through the years that helps you staying on track

Effective tips and tricks to leverage your playing

All along the videos you will get great insights to help your further developing Alternate picking plus also some ideas to avoid all the typical diversions from practicing

Bonus Programs

The bonus programs consists of 2 Nicolo Paganini pieces, one being the Moto Perpetuo piece for violin and piano. Here you will also get to play with a beautiful piano backing track. The other piece is the second Capricci of he's 24 which is a huge study in the most extreme string skipping. These two fun and inspiring Bonus videos includes an almost infinite amount of notes

50 EUR

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