The crucial practicing tracks

What makes this four week's course unique and one of a kind is that there's absolutely no escape from practicing plus there's no question as to what and how much needs to be practiced every day. The way that is done is that every day you get a new practicing track. The practicing track consists of a acoustic or electric piano playing the lessons along with you together with a metronome. The tempo goes up consistently. the shorter lessons are practiced several times in each tempo whereas the longer lessons are only drilled once in each tempo to prevent the lessons of becoming stale and boring

The practicing tracks are easy to download with the Download button so you don't have to log into your profile every time you want to practice. Just like the tablature and standard music notation which can easily be downloaded to your computer as well.

The fourth week

This week is going to be something special. This week is different than the three previous which are mainly technical, there's still technical approaches in the fourth week but here we are discussing many different topics like

  • Rhythm
  • Improvisation
  • Incorporating licks into your playing
  • Working the Tapping technique into your licks
  • Creating your own exclusive chops
  • Learning untraditional instruments from recordings
  • Goal setting and finding the right reasons to practice
Your own continuation
When you are goo n' ready to continue on your own without the practicing tracks because the tracks only goes to a certain tempo of course. But when you at some stage become faster than the practicing tracks it is critical that you continue on your own to reach you own limits

First thing's first
When you start the first day, the first thing you need to do is to learn the material in the first lesson. Once you know the complete pattern you need to practice it so much so you can start playing it with a metronome. As you will learn in the course, before you can introduce the metronome you need to know the material so well so you can put part of your attention on the metronome. If you experience playing the same wrong note again and again, you don't know the lesson well enough. This just means that you need to "chunk" the lesson up in smaller parts or drill the lesson super slow without the metronome

Techniques and lessons

The first three weeks has mainly a technical approach. In week one we are solely focused on Alternate picking. In week two we will immerse ourself in the Sweep picking technique and in the third week our focal point will be the Legato technique. But along with every day's technical lessons you will get a new video that discusses the technique and gives tips and insights on how to leverage your practicing time to perfect the technique which ultimately gives you the best fundamentals to play fast and reach your goals faster

Alternate picking

  • Musical phrases
  • Major scale ideas
  • Harmonic minor phrasing
  • Chromaticism

Sweep picking

  • Triads and four note advanced arpeggios
  • Untraditional patterns
  • Neo classical and contemporary arpeggios

  • Pentatonic shredding
  • Unique Arpeggio playing
  • String skipping ideas
  • Harmonic minor ideas

Non practical lessons

All the non practical videos are mainly in week four but along with the daily technical lessons you get the info that will adjust your technique if you should start to get any "bad habits" along the way

Practice - practice - practice

This is obviously not a course for "lazy guitar players" you need to put in more and more work as the weeks pass, because even though you finished the first or second week does not mean you are done with those. Each practicing track just gets on top of the new, so this means you practicing schedule gets more and more intense. This also means that the first few days you will probably spend most of your time learning the material because you will only have one or a few practicing tracks available Support



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